Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More moose in the city (tragic)

Burlington Free Press
Errant moose shot, killed in Burlington

September 25, 2007
BURLINGTON -- A bull moose that found its way out of the woods and into a backyard on Mansfield Avenue in Burlington this morning has been shot and killed by Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department officials. State officials said the moose, which was in close proximity to a school and residents, posed a threat to the public. The approximately 900-pound animal had been spotted before 8:30 a.m., running through backyards on Mansfield Avenue, across the street from Mater Christi School. At one point, it was lying down near a residential hedge row. Area residents, parents, University of Vermont students, and even a class of young students from Mater Christi stood a respectful distance from the creature, taking pictures with cell phones and recounting their stories of how the moose found its way into the city. Earlier this morning, Williston State Police dispatchers said the moose would have to move on in its own time, but it never did. Fish and Wildlife experts said they had to shoot the moose because it would have been too risky to tranquilize it.

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